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(Part of the CHURCH page)

This page includes a plan and in-depth details of gravestones and memorials including names, dates and inscriptions.
The Parish Council gratefully acknowledges the gesture by parishioner Roy Roebuck who offered the information about the churchyard for exhibiting on the Parish Council's website for the general interest of other parishioners and the public.

The original burial location records (not the burial register) were lost in a fire at the then Ashby St Mary Rectory (now The Beeches) in 1976.
The current records were painstakingly assembled and updated by Derek Ham from 1996. From 2009 to 2015 the records were updated by Roy Roebuck.  Details of inscriptions were added from 2012, and these have now been completed by Terry Kitt.
If you have any details of graves which are not listed within the records below, please contact Terry Kitt on 01508 480954 or by email at


 Above is a churchyard plan of the Church of St Mary The Virgin Ashby St Mary for illustration purposes.
                                       (clicK HERE for a full screen size of the whole churchyard)


Ashby St Mary Church and Churchyard : Co-ordinates - Lat. N 52:34:04   Long. E 01:26:34  

The churchyard is dominated by the utilitarian concrete war memorial on the west side as you approach the porch which lists the parish dead of two world wars.

The tombstones of George and Ann Basey are situated immediately on the east side of the footpath as you approach the porch and have attracted considerable publicity over the last 25 or 30 years.   George (who died in 1876) and his wife Ann (who died in 1868) are shown surrounded by their flocks of geese and turkeys, reminding us of the fact that in that century and earlier, these birds were bred in Norfolk in great quantities. East Anglia holds the credit for the domestication of the goose. In the late autumn before Christmas, whole droves of geese and turkeys could be seen waddling slowly and noisily along the roads to London and the Smithfield market. The flocks could make about 10 miles a day, guided by drovers who were skilled men who had to ensure their arrival in good condition. Apparently nothing could equal these Norfolk reared birds on the London Market where they commanded higher prices for the table than those bred in other parts of England.
The sequel to this story is that an image of Ann Basey and her geese has now been incorporated into the village sign.

(With acknowledgement to parishioner Arnold Miller)


- The churchyard is dominated by the utilitarian concrete war memorial on the left hand side as you approach the porch which lists the dead of the village in two world wars.
1914 to 1918 - Earnest W Bush / H Victor Chambers / William E Starman
1939 to 1945 - John Stanley Cotton
- At the rear of the church is a gravestone and flowering cherry tree planted as a memorial to Bridget Evelyn Gray 1915 to 1997 (wife of Peter Gray).

- The names of families whose past relatives are easily identifiable from gravestones/monuments as buried in Ashby St Mary churchyard include:-
Alden, Arden, Bacon, Basey, Basey Fisher, Bate, Bayne, Beddingfield, Begbie, Blake, Blazer, Bullett, Calthorpe, Carver, Catchpole, Chamberlain, Chapman, Chubbock, Claxton, Cone, Cotton, Cumby, Daines, Danbee, Dell, Farrell, Fharaoh, Flint, Forder, Frost, Garrod, Gilbert, Godfrey, Gray, Hammond, Harwood, Headden, Hill, Hoddy, Howe, Hurrell, Johnson, Langley, Marshall, Mayes, Osbourne, Read, Riches, Rudrum, Rushmore, Sandys, Shreeve, Smith, Starling, Stockings, Tabor, Taylor, Thurtell, Todd, Veasey, Ward, Whiles, Whitmarsh, Wickham, Willcox, Wilson

- Other family names known to be buried in this churchyard as listed in the Burial register after 1813 include:-
Ardley, Baker, Beales, Bell, Bennett, Bracey, Bracy, Brereton, Brook, Brookes, Brown, Browne, Bultitude, Burroughs, Colsey, Crome, Cobb, Coleman, Colman, Cossey, Crickmore, Davey, Davy, Day, Delph, Dennis, Edwards, Elliot, Ellis, Fharaoh, Field, Frosdick, Fisher, Fisk, Gage, Gedge, Gunn, Gunton, Gurry, Guurys, Halliday, Harper, Heazle, Hindley, Hood, Hurry, King, Lacey, Lacy, Lake, Leech, Legood, Lord, Madders, Mansfield, March, Martin, Moore, Nadder, Newman, Parker, Pitches, Playford, Pottle, Reeder, Rich, Roberts, Sadler, Sampson, Sillett, Simmons, Sparkes, Steward, Sutton, Swayes, Tod, Townsend, Townshent, Utting, Waddell, Walpole, West, Whitwood, Wigg, Woolnough, Woolsey, Watkinson, Youngs.

PLEASE NOTE - Since they were first recorded, some inscriptions have inevitably worn away over time, while others are now difficult or impossible to read. Visitors to the churchyard may wish to bear this in mind before undertaking a special or long journey in the hope or expectation of seeing a gravestone inscription.

To submit new or missing information for inclusion in the above records, please contact Terry Kitt (details above) or either the Parish Clerk or Webmaster via the 'Contact Us' tabs. Anyone offering such information does so on the condition the Parish Council may determine whether it is included.


The CHURCHYARD page was created due to the amount of detail that has been learnt about its gravestones.   Because of that, the page contains this dedicated Gravestone and Memorials section. The gravestones and memorials have not only been been researched but pictured as well. Even family history of the names has been found and recorded. It is a comprehensive and very large piece of history which has had to be split into several separate documents.
For the purposes of listing the Gravestones and Memorials, a plan shows the graveyard in blocks. Blocks can be opened via the appropriate link.
It is thanks to councillor Terry Kitt's painstaking and time consuming research that this piece of Ashby history has been published.

For churchyard details click HERE.
It includes a simple A1 type reference which relates to the above churchyard plan to make it easy for the user to find the position of a gravestone or memorial. Also given is the surname, other names and the inscription.  

The churchyard plan has been didvided up into blocks. To use the churchyard plan references to see the gravestones within each block, start by clicking HERE.   Also included are details of one person whose burial location is unknown.

(With thanks to parishioner Terry Kitt for his efforts in researching these records)

Due to their size these records have been split into three documents.  The quality of the documents is as good as copying allowed - and the legibility of the entries by the writer at the time.


Burials 1778 - 1812       Burials 1813-1851       Burials 1851-1902 

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