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ASHBY PAST (Part of the HISTORY page)

This page shows the history of Ashby St Mary in terms of some of its residents, dwellings and the lifestyle from both the distant and more recent past.
The Parish Council gratefully acknowledges all contributions by Ashby residents and many other persons to enable the compilation of this pictorial slice of history.

NOTE - The items on ASHBY PAST are intended to be produced for local historical interest only. If any current resident or family member of a current resident, or family member of a past resident named below prefers that their name/s, detail or an exhibit be removed, or to advise of an error or correection, please contact the Parish Council via the facilities available on this website.

This gallery of pictures includes exhibits supplied mainly by parish residents over the period of 9-11th July 2010. Contributions of any village memorabilia were invited to be submitted and placed on public show at a specific village occasion for the purpose.

                  Ashby in Domesday - 5 entries                          1881 census details                    
                   (click HERE for full size doc)                  (click HERE for full size doc)              


                        Mill Common as depicted on a postcard  (click HERE for larger picture)

       King Edward V11 with Royal Norfolk Regiment with          Norfolk Homeguard Stand
         Lt. Edward Gilbert, standard bearer, on right
                Down Supper 16 June 1945
(click HERE for larger picture)                     (click HERE for larger example)
 Edward's wife was Ella Gray and with no children their
 nephew Peter Gray eventually inherited Ashby Hall  

    Ashby Hall 1956, the year the                      Ashby Hall 1956                        Gardens, Ashby Hall 1956
    Gray family took ownership
             (click HERE for larger picture)         (click HERE for larger picture) 
   (click HERE for larger picture)                        
             Ashby Hall 1956                          Gardens, Ashby Hall 1956               Ashby Hall, Hall Road 1956
   (click HERE for larger picture)        (click HERE for larger picture)            (click HERE for larger picture) 

 Charlie 'Chicken' Howson              Nelson & Leslie Catchpole             Leslie Catchpole outside
 & Leslie Catchpole                         (click HERE for larger picture)     generator shed, Ashby Villa 
(click HERE for larger picture)                                                        (click HERE for larger picture) 

Ashby Church Fete 1964 -                 Ashby Church Fete 1964              Hubert Frost & David   
Leslie  Catchpole & Chris                   Mrs Feek / Jack Guymer             Catchpole-Ashby Villa
Andrew - pram race entrants!      (click HERE for larger picture)      (click HERE for larger picture)
(click HERE for larger picture)        

    Ashby Rectory, Church Road                   Miss Child (teacher) with Canon and
    (now known as The Beeches)                   Mrs Whitmarsh in the Rectory gardens
  (click HERE for larger picture)                  (click HERE for larger picture)              

Miss Ward (Thurton teacher) in the Rectory gardens. Miss Ward and Miss Child taught at Thurton School.
Miss Ward was headteacher. They both lived at Ross Arden, Mill Road, Ashby.
The site of Ross Arden now has two bungalows, Malvas Rosas and Jaemeen, on it.
(click HERE for larger picture

   Ashby Villa, Chapel Road was built for                    Mr & Mrs Osbourne outside Hill Top,
   Mr and Mrs Osbourne    
                                         Chapel Road
      (click HERE for larger picture)                            (click HERE for larger picture)

 William Catchpole's farm lorry - reg.                Billy Carver's strawberry field, Ashby. Billy
  VG 724                                                           and Ethel Carver lived in Mill Common.
  (click HERE for larger picture)                       (click HERE for larger picture)  


Left - 1820 map of "an estate the property of Mr A Marshall being in the parish of Ashby and villages adjoining". The Marshalls lived at Ashby Hall before the Gray family
(click HERE for larger example)

           1882 Ordnance Survey map                         Section of 1882 O.S. map of
           of all Ashby St Mary parish                         Low Common, Ashby St Mary
(click HERE for larger example)                   (click HERE for larger example)

  Sandy Lane at its junction with                                        Hill Top, Chapel Road
  Chapel Lane                                                              
(click HERE for larger picture)             
  (click HERE for larger picture)             

1930's - Leslie and Dorothy                             Steam engine used in threshing corn for
 Catchpole, Florence Catchpole                        John Pike, then of Claxton Hall. Unusally
 with dog                                                         this steam engine is fitted with rubber tyres

 (click HERE for larger picture)                       (click HERE for larger picture)


1953 - Standard Fordson tractor. On tractor                        Leslie Catchpole's workers sprout planting
Leslie Catchpole, on binder Charlie Croxford
(click HERE for larger picture)
(click HERE for larger picture) 


Leslie & Dorothy Catchpole took their strawberry              Leslie Catchpole Worker's Annual Outing
pickers and workers by coach to Felixstowe or                 Amongst those in this picture are Leslie Catchpole,
Clacton every year. Amongst those waiting to                    Billy Carver, Hilda McLoughlin, Ivy Thompson,
board are Bob Dack, Leslie Catchpole, Ethel Carver,         Dorothy Catchpole, Grace Spurgeon, Maggie Potter,
Annie Jeckells, Dorothy Catchpole, Grace Spurgeon         Annie Jeckells, Dorothy Carver, Bob Dack and
and Billy Carver.
                                                              Charlie Croxford
(click HERE for larger picture)                                         (click HERE for larger picture)

The Cumby's house and smallholding             Letter from 1960s             Young Ron Gainsford, joining Frances
5/5A Sandy Lane. The asbestos
building      resident (click HERE         
(nee Cumby) and Tommy Saunders with
on the right was demolished in 1964             for larger example)           their son, Derek (click HERE for
(click HERE for larger picture)                                                             larger picture) 

      Bob Cumby carrying his ferrets                               Bob and Gladys Cumby
      (click HERE for larger picture)                             (click HERE for larger picture)    

Early example of Hoddy Bros business                        Billy Hoddy                      
card (click HERE for larger picture)            (click HERE for larger picture)      (click HERE for larger picture)

            Edgar Hoddy                       Edgar and Leslie            Origination of the Hoddy family name
(click HERE for larger picture)        Hoddy (click HERE              (click HERE for larger picture)
                                                       for larger picture)  

Billy Webb, Colin Hoddy and Joe          Joe Forder and John         Michael Carr, Robin Rackham
Forder                                                  Hoddy (click HERE for      (both of Ashby) and Graham "Bonzo" Ellis
(click HERE for larger picture)             larger picture)                   (click HERE for larger picture)

Billy Bloom at Ashby & Claxton cricket               Ashby & Claxton cricket ground from north end
ground (Ashby Hall) - late 1940s                        - Hall Road, Ashby St Mary - late 1940s

(click HERE for larger picture)                          (click HERE for larger picture)

Ashby & Claxton cricket club practice session at            Ashby & Thurton FC - Joe High, Peter Carr, Larry
Ashby Hall - late 1940s                                                  Wintereton, Lance Keeler, Michael Carr, Mike Owen
(click HERE for larger picture)                                       / John Frosdick, Paul Cone, Ernie Forder, Ralph
                                                                                      Forder, Mike Talbot. The football club was
                                                                                     formed in the late 1960s when the playing field
                                                                                      was laid, before the village hall was built

                                                                                      (click HERE for larger picture)

      Ursula Pank                  Ronald "Jimmy" Yallop and Billy Hoddy     Margaret Roebuck and Chris Kemp
(click HERE for larger        at Ashby village garden party 2007           at Ashby village garden party 2007
                              (click HERE for larger picture)                 (click HERE for larger picture)


Ashby Group Choir 1977 -                                                 Ashby Rectory, Church Road -
Front: Kathy Jermy, Peggy Potter, Mary Butcher,              Helping to clean up following storm and
Jane Earl, Janette Batten, Margaret Chalcraft, Dan         fire damage in 1976. L-R Michael Thrower,  
O'Callaghan. Back: David Catchpole (choirmaster),            Betty Catchpole, John Guymer, Bobby White
Daphne Sharpen, Marjorie Vincent, Marianne                   (standing), Alice Handford, Richard White,
Chalcraft, Phyllis Ellis, Alison Chalcraft,  Chris                Arthur Handford
Stratton, Leslie Catchpole, Trevor Catchpole,                   
(click HERE for larger picture) 
Geoff Lloyd, Christopher Andrew        

(click HERE for larger picture) 

Thurton, Ashby & District Women's Institute c 1995/6    Down from Wood View, The Street, Ashby
including current Ashby resident, Betty Catchpole and     Betty Catchpole in the snow of 1987
former residents Christine Peck and Jo Stanley               (click HERE for larger picture) 
(click HERE for larger picture) 
Colin Hoddy, ex Chapel         Balloon landing in field adjacent to             Profile of David Catchpole
 Road resident (Click                     Wood View, The Street                      in Group parish magazine
HERE for larger picture)         (click HERE for larger picture)                (click HERE for larger picture) 
To submit a picture for inclusion in the Gallery, please contact the Parish Clerk or Webmaster.  Anyone offering a picture for the Gallery does so on the condition the Parish Council may determine whether it is included in this Gallery.


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